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In chapter 14, Huck and Jim begin talking “about kings and dukes and earls and such” when the conversation turns to focus on King Solomon: Jim: …dey say Sollermun de wises’ man dat ever live’. I doan’ take no stock in dat… Huck: Well, but he was the wisest man, anyway; because the widow she […]


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The historical account of the details of the evil Ahab, king of Israel, and his equally evil wife, Jezebel is not a brief one in Scripture, spanning 209 verses from 1 KINGS 16 : 29-22 : 40. The record includes some of the most fascinating passages and miracles in the Old Testament, such as God commanding ravens to feed Elijah…


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Poe refers to the false goddess Ashtoreth, also referred to as Astarte and other variations of the name, who presides over his wedding to Ligeia: “…if ever she, the wan and the misty-winged Ashtophet of idolatrous Egypt, presided, as they tell, over marriages ill-omened, then most surely she presided over mine.” Ashtoreth is the Canaanite […]


After King David had his faithful servant Uriah murdered in an attempt to conceal the origin of her pregnancy (2 SAMUEL 11), which displeased God (1 KINGS 15 : 5), God sent Nathan to confront David by presenting the situation to the king in the form of a story of a man who had committed the same type of sin.