Biblical Allusions

David and Bathsheba


In chapter nine, Hawthorne describes Reverend Dimmesdale’s apartment, carefully notes that “The walls were hung round with tapestry, said to be from the Gobelin looms, and, at all events, representing the Scriptural story of David and Bathsheba, and Nathan the Prophet…” The Biblical account of David’s sin of adultery with Bathsheba, followed by his sin […]

The Lord’s Anointed

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Duncan’s murder has been discovered in Act II, Scene iii! Macduff cries out, “Confusion now hath made his masterpiece! / Most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope / The Lord’s anointed Temple, and stole thence / The life o’ the building.” David, in one of the most stunning and memorable acts of mercy in all the […]