Biblical Allusions


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In chapter 17, Tamer asks Bullet, “What’s your real name?” He answers, “Bullet…They named me Samuel.” Tamer responds, “After the prophet in the Bible?” Samuel was an Old Testament prophet. The Biblical accounts of his family, birth, life, ministry, death and brief resurrection can be read in 1 SAMUEL 1 : 1-25 : 1 and 1 SAMUEL 28 : 3-20.


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In chapter 16, Patrice and Bullet continue their conversation about history, specifically guerilla warfare, and Patrice observes, “The Israelites used it to take Canaan, small bands of fighters, striking swiftly at a single objective, then withdrawing…

Nothing New Under the Sun

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In chapter 16, Bullet is sharing a meal with his friend Patrice. When Bullet admits his ignorance of history, the older Patrice laments “the American education” to which Bullet responds, “I wasn’t even alive then. How am I supposed to know?” Patrice answers, “It is history, history and common sense. Perhaps you might not know […]


In chapter one, Bullet is recalling the sound of his sister’s voice singing, “’Will there be any stars, any stars in my crown,’ that voice sang, ‘When at evening the sun goeth down? When I wake with the blest in the mansions of rest, will there be any stars in my crown.’” The lyrics are […]