Biblical Allusions

Valley of the Shadow of Death

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The “pilgrim shadow” of the poem tells the “gallant knight” that he will discover the land of Eldorado “Over the Mountains / Of the Moon, / Down the Valley of the Shadow” mirroring one of the most memorable verses in the most famous psalm in the Bible, PSALM 23 : 4…

The Ark of the Covenant

Much like Patrick Henry in his Speech to the Virginia Convention, Whittier declares that there is a “Just God!” (See “Betrayed with a Kiss” for a discussion of that Biblical allusion.) Whittier goes on to speak of “Israel’s Ark of light,” an allusion to The Ark of the Covenant, also called The Ark of the […]

A Contrite Heart

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PSALM 51 is David’s expression of repentance after having sinned greatly with Bathsheba and being confronted by Nathan the prophet. The account can be found in 2 SAMUEL 12-13. In PSALM 51 : 17, David acknowledges that “A broken and contrite heart—These, O God, You will not despise.” Recessional’s second stanza begins with the lines: